Dear Me,

It’s been about 14 years I finally gave you up. I am very happy you can’t
control me anymore, But I do have to say there are times when I am stressed
out I would love to pick you up and have get that 1  relax feeling again,
but I fight it off. I know how you are so addicting and all its going to
take that 1 time and you will have me again. I keep thinking of my dad
having hard time breathing. I remember those black walls & ceilings that I
had to wash & paint. My clothes always having a terrible odor and I would
have to carry perfume because you have a dead smell about you.
My dad & mom smoked & I hated it & today my brothers smoke. I am worry
about his kids and when they grow up.
Dear cigarettes please stay away. You are nothing but trouble and you are
just looking to do is to kill me….and I will refuse to let it happen. My
life is too precious to let that happen.    I have a whole life ahead of
me. My first grandbaby was just born and I will not let you be around.
Thank You,


About ttsnh

The New Hampshire Tobacco Helpline is dedicated to helping people quit tobacco when they are ready. 1-800-QUIT-NOW. We offer free counseling over the telephone, free nicotine patches to those who qualify, while supplies last and can mail information to anyone who requests materials. Text QUITNOW to 22122 and a counselor will call you back. Sign up for quit tips, text TIPS to 22122. Message and data rates may apply. Dear Me New Hampshire is for anyone who wants to write a letter to themselves with the reasons they want to quit tobacco. Anyone can quit tobacco when they are ready. Try to stop. We can help. The Helpline is funded through the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Dedicated to: preventing initiation of tobacco use among young people, eliminating non-smokers' exposure to second and thirdhand smoke, promoting tobacco cessation among adults and young people, identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities. TPCP is solely funded by the CDC/Office on Smoking and Health.
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