Dear Me NH

Dear Me,

We both need to quit this habit, I am being stupid, I had Open Heart Surgery and my Husband has Emphysema. I want to lead a long healthy life with him and have a lot of years together.



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Dear Me:

You know your pulmonary Dr has told you all the damage you are doing to your lungs smoking with COPD . He has told you at the age of 58 your lungs are like an 80yr old. He reminded you how many relatives you have lost and that if you continue you won’t live long enough to enjoy your loved one’s who are still growing and your grandchildren who need me. But you still continue to dismiss all this advice because the addiction to nicotine has you believing it calms you when stressed it comforts you when your upset but you forget it also is killing you. You are ignoring all the warning signs even while using your nebulizer and inhaler you still continue to dismiss these warnings that your life expectancy is shortened the longer you continue to smoke. You have tried different methods of quitting the nicotine habit and failed, you use the excuse if you quit now it doesn’t matter because the damage will never heal it self; you always have an excuse even when you break the promises to quit.

Dear Me try again, be stronger, ask for help, don’t be afraid to fail and have to try again; it can work for you, it can give you a better quality of life left to live.

Dear Me I don’t want to die.

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Dear Me,

I quit 10 days ago.
I have been smoking since I was 16 I am now 48 I wanted to quit for a couple of reasons on because I’m a grandmother of a beautiful little boy who turns one this month, also I started mixed martial arts a year ago and enjoy it very much and one more reason is because my sister who is my best friend was diagnosed with ms a few years ago and she has made me beneficiary if something happens to her to make sure my nephew has what he needs and I want to make sure I’m around for all of this for a long time.


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Dear Me,

I did not realize what a hold cigarettes had on me, but we were all exposed to “fags” as being hip, sophisticated and cool. Heck, we even got candy cigarettes in our stockings on the mantle at Christmas time !!! We would take one of Pop’s ciggies down to the cellar or out behind the garage and light up !!! There were no restrictions or regulations as to who could but cigarettes at the store, so we would be “dispatched” by Dad to the corner store( to give him a break and a chance to relax ) to purchase Lucky Strikes, Tarytons, or Larks (with the charcoal filters). Dad would always have enough to pick up some baseball cards, soda or candy bar!!! Later on when I had a paper route, I had my own cash, so I could buy some Winstons myself and smoke with pals along the paper route in the afternoon while American Bandstand was on!!! Quitting anything is always more difficult than starting it (unless you have a severe case of PROCRASTINATION!!!).

Ya gotta KEEP ON TRYIN’…!!!

God bless and “God save US all!

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Dear Me,

Dear Me,

Please quit so you can experience the beauty that your grandchildren bring to your life. As the grandbabies age they are very smart and recognize that smoking is harmful, stinky, and dirty. Furthermore, this habit is going to kill you in one way or another. You stopped smoking and your daughter was a non-smoker. Now that she is in her mid twenties Sammy is smoking. Shame on you for not being the strong one and remaining a non smoker. Remember your father being one of the fortunate heart recipients and that his medical condition is one that you have, too. Your stamina could be stronger, your teeth could be brighter, and you will not need to stand outside when the outside temperature is pushing toward Zero. Think about the financial savings and how much more money you could have in your savings account. You quit before and was a non smoker for nearly two decades. Please quit, again!


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Dear Me:

You quit in 2007 because your beautiful, smart 2 yr son Joe begged you to quit! You did it! Remember? YOU and Holly, together climbed the depths of hell, you used the patch, you went to Exeter Hosptial cessation program and you quit for three years! Sadly, you started again during your divorce and now you’ve been smoking for five years 😦 But your ready to reclaim your LIFE!! Monday morning YOU WILL PUT ON THAT PATCH and be a non smoker! Remember how clear your lungs were, how amazing things smelled and the taste of food, omg the taste of food was outstanding!! YOU were SO PROUD! YOU can quit again! Finish this letter, go get celery sticks and mints! You have your patches, YOU ARE READY!
Your kids all wrote you their reasons, keep that note with you everywhere you go!
I love you, your kids love you and need you, you really wanna be a granny!!!

Love Melissa – A soon to be non smoker again! This time I will NEVER START AGAIN!!

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Dear Me,

You used to yell at your parents for smoking. Your dad had 3 heart attacks and could die if he doesn’t quit. Your fiancé is in the army and if you smoke around him and he starts again, you could mess up his entire career and you will lose him for good. His dad is dying of lung cancer and none of this has scared you yet? What is wrong with you? Smarten up!

Sincerely, me


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Dear Me –

I wish so badly that I could go back and never start to begin with. I am just about 40 and I am already having trouble breathing. Stairs are soo hard, doesn’t help being over weight. Quitting will help you to get back in shape and stop struggling to breath. Good luck with quitting. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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Dear Me,

You were diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and Cancer runs in the family. Don’t you want to live a long healthy life? Cigarettes don’t control you, you control you. You have tried to quit before and failed but you have much to live for such as Friends and family. I know you are tired of your house, clothes and car smelling like smoke. Now is the time to change all that! The excuses you make to smoke such as stress can be dealt with in more positive non destructive ways. Think of how nice it will be not to have to hide the fact that you are a smoker from your in-laws and sneaking around worrying if they can smell it on you. As a teenager you always said that you would never be a smoker because it is a disgusting habit but you started at age 21. It has been 17 years now and it is time to think of you and your health. With the support you can do it! I believe in you.


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Dear Me,

I’m tired of smelling like an ashtray, hearing the constant whirring of the “air purifier” that doesn’t work, and having that sticky iick taste in my mouth. I want to BREATHE! This is going to SUCK but you have so much in your life worth living for… so let’s start living smoke-free!




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